Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jillian's Christmas Program

Jillian's school had their annual Christmas Program. It is my ABSOLUTE favorite thing that they do at her school.  The teachers work all month to teach the kids all the songs and dance moves.  And wouldn't you know it, our kid is a H-A-M!

Jillian asked to wear her favorite dress, her golden dress from her 3rd birthday.  She looked so pretty!

This year, her class performed with the older kids too, so Jillian and Jackson's class sang their songs together.  And thank goodness for that because Julian had to be in Houston for school work, but the Malnars got the performance on video so that Julian (and all our family) can see it.

She did so good, singing all of the lyrics and doing all the dance moves.

After it was over, we took a quick family photo.

And here are the stars of the show, Jillian, Jackson, and Andrew.

She looks like such a little grown up in this picture *tear*

I can't wait for the Christmas program again next year to see Jillian perform again...and because I think a certain little boy named Alex will get to be in the program, too.  I can't wait!!!  

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